Read and write archives using R connections.

These functions deal with archive formats such as zip, 7zip, rar and tar and return connection objects which can be used by many R input / output functions.


Construct a new archive


Create a readable connection to a file in an archive.


Create a writable connection to a file in an archive.

Extract files from archives and write existing files to archives.

These functions create archives from a set of existing files or extract some or all files from an archive to disk.


Extract contents of an archive to a directory

archive_write_dir() archive_write_files()

Add files to a new archive

Read and Write files using R connections.

These functions write or read a file filtered by one or more compression algorithms or encoding filters supported by libarchive, such as gzip, bzip2 and xz and return an R connection to that file.

file_read() file_write()

Construct a connections for (possibly compressed) files.